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Those on our side; Ourselves, one’s own people; One of us.

Kakilang - a one stop shop for your best bubble tea experience and authentic Taiwanese cuisine.

Our unique


A Japanese street food - “octopus ball” is a batter filled with pieces of octopus, cabbage and scallions cooked in a cast iron shaped into a ball.

Bubble Tea

Unique flavoured drinks infused with tea, topped with chewy tapioca balls/pearls. It comes with a wide variety of flavours.

Taiwanese Fried Chicken Steak

A Taiwanese street food - butterflied chicken breast coated in a light batter and unique salt and chilli taiwanese spice seasoning.

Japanese Souffle Pancake

A Japanese style soft and jiggly, fluffy pancake like a soufflé.


Here at Kakilang, established in 2020, our mission is to bring the bubble tea culture into the hearts of the Irish. Located in the centre of Dublin, we serve Taiwanese tea-based drinks and some unique asian street food. Harmonising between sweet and savoury.

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Our team

We are a multicultural team, and as cheesy as it sounds, together we bring the world as one. We are a family, come into Kakilang and you’ll feel just like home.

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From 12:30–19:30, 7 Days

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